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Vasili I. Galchin vigalchin at gmail.com
Wed May 6 20:01:20 EDT 2009


<<< this is obviously a Wolfram Inc. blog so maybe not totally objective ...
but here is a snippet that speaks in Haskell's favor:

As a result, the five million lines of *Mathematica* code that make up
Wolfram|Alpha are equivalent to many tens of millions of lines of code in a
lower-level language like C, Java, or Python.
I am some what familiar with Mathematica and it's multi-paradigm nature
(like F#, OCaml, etc.). In any case, I would like the Haskell community to
view WolframAlpha as a challenge. For what is it worth I presently
cabalizing Swish .... Based on my reading of WolframAlpha it is a semantic
web ... i.e.  formal knowledge representation!

all Google results =>

Kind regards, Vasili
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