[Haskell-cafe] Re: Really need some help understanding a solution

Gü?nther Schmidt gue.schmidt at web.de
Thu Mar 26 20:39:18 EDT 2009

Well Folks,

I've been programming for almost a decade now and making a living off it 
for almost 8 years.

To me programing in Haskell is sometimes quite a humbling experience, 
because I come to realize how shallow my ventures so far were.

The depth this language has is just amazing and the stuff that is 
tackled in this language is just .... aaahhh. Can't quite put it in 
words, maybe something along the lines "the ultimate thing, key to the 
universe" I don't know.

Humbling and frustrating especially when you come across the Lukes and 
they do to you what he did to me in about 12 lines of code. And then you 
come across the blogs of the Lukes and see all the other things where 
you stand in awe and your jaw drops. And you realize how far away from 
that you still are.

And now you!

Sry for that Thomas, my prescription ran out today. I'll check on the 
link first thing once I got a refill.


Karl-Heeeeinz, mei Drobbe!

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