[Haskell-cafe] about Haskell code written to be "too smart"

Conal Elliott conal at conal.net
Tue Mar 24 16:52:59 EDT 2009

Another helpful strategy for the reader is to get smarter, i.e. to invest
effort in rising to the level of the writer.   Or just choose a different
book if s/he prefers.  - Conal

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Manlio Perillo <manlio_perillo at libero.it>wrote:

> Yitzchak Gale ha scritto:
>> [...]
>> So the bottom line is that Manlio is right, really. It's just
>> that Haskell is still very different than what most
>> programmers are used to. So it does take a while to
>> get a feeling for what is "too smart".
> Right, you centered the problem!
> The problem is where to place the separation line between "normal" and "too
> smart".
> Your function is readable, once I mentally separate each step.
> For someone with more experience, this operation may be automatic, and the
> function may appear totally natural.
> When writing these "dense" function, it is important, IMHO, to help the
> reader using comments, or by introducing intermediate functions.
> Manlio
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