[Haskell-cafe] Ease of Haskell development on OS X?

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 21 10:13:12 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Ross" == Ross Mellgren <rmm-haskell at z.odi.ac> writes:

    Ross> While there is not a .dmg for Gtk2Hs, you can use a .dmg
    Ross> installed GHC with a .dmg installed Gtk, and then build
    Ross> gtk2hs straight on top of that, without having to deal with
    Ross> the dual-GHC macports mess..

    Ross> http://www.haskell.org/haskellwiki/Gtk2hs#Using_the_GTK.2B_OS_X_Framework

I just tried this.

The configure enables cairo, but does not enable svgcairo. Is there
anyway round this, or do I have to revert to the macports gtk? (my
application uses svgcairo)
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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