[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell-Wiki Account registration

Ashley Yakeley ashley at semantic.org
Sat Mar 14 06:20:18 EDT 2009

Henning Thielemann wrote:
> How long will the Wiki account registration be disabled? Would it be 
> possible to ask a question, that real Haskellers could easily answer, 
> but a spambot cannot? E.g. "What's Haskell's surname?"

It will be re-enabled when an appropriate extension to MediaWiki is 

An appropriate extension will be installed when MediaWiki is upgraded to 
a version that supports that.

MediaWiki will be upgraded when PHP and MySQL are upgraded.

MySQL cannot easily be upgraded on the existing distribution (RHEL AS 3 
update 9 with Linux 2.4.21), as various other packages depend on the 
current version. MySQL will be upgraded when we have a more up-to-date 
distribution (for instance, Debian 4.0).

We will have a more up-to-date distribution when a new machine takes 
over from the existing machine at Yale.

I don't know when anyone will have a new machine.

This is an overview of which machine does what:

Ashley Yakeley

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