[Haskell-cafe] How to make a dock window for xmonad using gtk2hs?

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Mon Mar 9 02:29:53 EDT 2009

On 2009 Mar 8, at 23:45, Magicloud Magiclouds wrote:
> Here is my window, seems right... but cannot get a gap....

Once again: where's the _NET_WM_STRUT?  I've looked through your  
properties, but none of them is _NET_WM_STRUT. Non-tiling window  
managers may dock the window in a default fashion because of  
_NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE, but xmonad needs to know how much space to  
reserve for it.

> 		Client accepts input or input focus: True
> 		Initial state is Normal State.
> 		window id # of group leader: 0x1800001
> _NET_WM_USER_TIME_WINDOW(WINDOW): window id # 0x1800004
> WM_CLIENT_LEADER(WINDOW): window id # 0x1800001
> WM_CLIENT_MACHINE(STRING) = "shidaw.desktop.amazon.com"
> 		program specified minimum size: 162 by 54
> 		window gravity: NorthWest
> WM_CLASS(STRING) = "sideBar.rb", "SideBar.rb"
> WM_ICON_NAME(STRING) = "sideBar.rb"
> _NET_WM_ICON_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = 0x73, 0x69, 0x64, 0x65, 0x42, 0x61,
> 0x72, 0x2e, 0x72, 0x62
> WM_NAME(STRING) = "sideBar.rb"
> _NET_WM_NAME(UTF8_STRING) = 0x73, 0x69, 0x64, 0x65, 0x42, 0x61, 0x72,
> 0x2e, 0x72, 0x62

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