[Haskell-cafe] missing support to Data.Binary for uvector package

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Thu Mar 5 09:54:07 EST 2009


I'm still having problems with the uvector package.

I have an IntMap (UArr xxx) data type, and I want to serialize it to 
disk, in binary format.

I'm using the uvector package from 

The problem is with missing instance declarations, for Hyperstrict data 
type and Data.Array.Vector.UArr.UPrim.

For the former, the instance is simple, but for the latter I have no 
idea about what to do.

The full error message (GHC 6.8.2):

     No instance for (uvector-0.2:Data.Array.Vector.UArr.UPrim
uvector-0.2:Data.Array.Vector.Prim.Hyperstrict.:*: Word8))
       arising from a use of `encode' at bin/process-data-1.hs:72:18-36
     Possible fix:
       add an instance declaration for
          (Word32 uvector-0.2:Data.Array.Vector.Prim.Hyperstrict.:*: Word8))

Thanks  Manlio Perillo

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