[Haskell-cafe] Status of Haskell under OsX

Ross Mellgren rmm-haskell at z.odi.ac
Mon Mar 2 18:47:38 EST 2009

I use this configuration exclusively... it wasn't actually that hard  
to set up once I found out that the .pc files are shipped in a strange  
directory buried in the frameworks.

I posted how I got it working back in December: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_name=3E883695-30D3-4CBE-AD14-B08C24D343EF%40z.odi.ac


On Mar 2, 2009, at 6:39 PM, Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:

> BTW, there is a nice native version of GTK for Mac OS X as a proper  
> framework:
>  http://www.gtk-osx.org/
> Unfortunately, it seems rather difficult to build gtk2hs with the GTK 
> + framework as the framework doesn't support pkg-config and gtk2hs  
> knows nothing about Mac frameworks.  However, GHC has support for  
> frameworks; so, it should be possible to get this to work.
> Manuel
> Arne Dehli Halvorsen:
>> Manuel M T Chakravarty wrote:
>>>> I'm planning to purchase a MacBookPro so I'm wondering how well
>>>> Haskell is supported under this platform.
>>> At least two of the regular contributors to GHC work on Macs.   
>>> That should ensure that Mac OS X is well supported.  Installation  
>>> is trivial with the Mac OS X installer package:
>>> http://haskell.org/ghc/download_ghc_6_10_1.html#macosxintel
>> Hi, following on from this point:
>> How does one get gtk2hs running on a mac?
>> I have a MacBook Pro, and I've had ghc installed for some time now.
>> (first in 6.8.2 (packaged),
>> then 6.10.1 (packaged),
>> then 6.8.2 via macports 1.6
>> then 6.10.1 via macports 1.7)
>> I tried to install gtk2hs via macports, but it didn't work.
>> (0.9.12? on 6.8.2, then on 6.10.1)
>> Is there a recipe one could follow?
>> Can I get the preconditions via macports, and then use cabal to  
>> install
>> gtk2hs 0.10?
>> Grateful for assistance,
>> Arne D H
>>> Manuel
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