[Haskell-cafe] test-framework success

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Jun 27 21:11:11 EDT 2009

Max - I was thinking about how to drive my new shell tests with your  
framework. I have:

data ShellTest = ShellTest {
      filename         ∷ String
     ,command          ∷ String
     ,stdin            ∷ Maybe String
     ,stdoutExpected   ∷ Maybe String
     ,stderrExpected   ∷ Maybe String
     ,exitCodeExpected ∷ Maybe ExitCode
     } deriving (Show)

parseShellTest ∷ FilePath → IO ShellTest
runShellTest ∷ ShellTest → IO Bool

I converted to hunit tests with

shellTestToHUnitTest t = filename t ~: do {r ← runShellTest t;  
assertBool "" r}

and tied test-framework into my test runner with

main = do
   args ← getArgs
   let (opts,files) = partition ((=="-").take 1) args
   hunittests ←  mapM (λf → parseShellTest f >>= (return ∘  
shellTestToHUnitTest)) files
   withArgs opts $ defaultMain $ concatMap hUnitTestToTests hunittests

With surprisingly little code and pain, the new runner runs my 14  
shell tests, with colored output, in the same time as the old one -  
3.5s on this macbook.

But, I can now add -j8 and get the same results output in.. 0.13s.  
This quite surprised me, and now I want to say: thank you very much! :)


$ time tools/shelltest2 tests/*.test -j8
:tests/eliding-balance.test: [OK]
:tests/missing-real-and-virtual-amt.test: [OK]
:tests/null-accountname-component.test: [OK]
:tests/parens-in-account-name.test: [OK]
:tests/sample-balance-depth.test: [OK]
:tests/sample-balance-o.test: [OK]
:tests/sample-balance.test: [OK]
:tests/unbalanced.test: [OK]
:tests/unicode-account-matching.test: [OK]
:tests/unicode-balance.test: [OK]
:tests/unicode-description-matching.test: [OK]
:tests/unicode-print.test: [OK]
:tests/unicode-register.test: [OK]
:tests/virtual.test: [OK]

          Test Cases   Total
  Passed  14           14
  Failed  0            0
  Total   14           14

real	0m0.132s
user	0m0.104s
sys	0m0.104s

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