[Haskell-cafe] coding standard question

Jules Bean jules at jellybean.co.uk
Mon Jun 22 05:09:41 EDT 2009

Miguel Mitrofanov wrote:
> I so don't want to be the one supporting your code...

Well, that's lucky. Because you aren't.

However, that's an easy arrow to fling. I say I don't find warnings 
useful so you suggest my code is unmaintainable. Is that based on any 
knowledge of my code, or the GHC warnings?

I've been using GHC for years and my honest opinion is that the warnings 
very rarely flag an actual maintainability problem in the code I write, 
and very frequently annoying highlight something I knew I was doing, and 
did quite deliberately - most often inexhaustive patterns or shadowing.

Maybe there are mistakes which you can make which the warnings usefully 
highlight, and maybe I just never make that kind of mistake.


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