[Haskell-cafe] Could FFI support pass-by-value of structs?

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 16 09:48:19 EDT 2009

It's not usual, but it is allowed to have values of
structs passed between functions directly instead of
using pointers:

struct ex {
     int x;
     int y;
     int z;

ex example_functions (ex p)

Would it be possible to allow that in Haskell FFI
by, say, allowing any instance of Storable to be
used in a 'foreign' declaration? Like:

data Ex = (...)

instance Storable Ex where
   sizeOf _ = ...
   alignment = sizeOf

foreign import ccall "example_functions" exampleFunction
   :: Ex -> IO Ex


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