[Haskell-cafe] Hugs used in circuit simulations code

Fernan Bolando fernanbolando at mailc.net
Tue Jul 28 21:32:20 EDT 2009

Hi all

thanks to everyone that reviewed my code.

The good news
1. I happy to say that it has become useful enough for me to use it in
some matlab type caluculations. includes transient and dc op
2. The simple pivtoing code I added into the DSP Lu appears to be
useable for this application.

The bad news
1. If you dont use some strategy in simplifying circuits and use the
simulator only, it would take a considerable amount of time to
A simple 10x10 non linear matrix will take 13 minutes. In a high-end
circuit simulator this would have taken less than a second.

What is everybodies expereience in speed difference between C and
interpreted haskell? I am hoping to achieve at least 10x an equivalent
C code.
So if a 10x10 matrix takes 1 second for C I want it to take 10seconds for hugs.



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