[Haskell-cafe] haskell.org: what can be improved causing what efforts?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Jul 10 16:31:52 EDT 2009

One issue no one has raised yet is how to integrate this with MediaWiki.

First we'd need to upgrade our mediawiki instance (which means moving to
a new server), and then we'd need a template for the front page with
these design features.

Someone want to step up to lead such an effort?

-- Don

> (I wrote this two days ago.. unfortunately I missed that my new client
> didnt't sent it at all)
> Not wasting so much space on top for wiki space
> +1
> competition to get a new design:
> +1, but is it feasable? Is there enough man power to implement it?
>     Moving wiki content again?
>     This is much more work than just embedding a new logo.
> code snippet: no hello world please. That's not a way to judge a
> language! But: a random haskell one line snippet with explanation would
> be cool.
> If a redesign causes too much work what about adding one eye catcher which
> everyone who wants to learn haskell will find immediately but won't
> disturb users who are used to the current design?
> Eg adding "start learning / tutorial" above "Download Haskell"
> would be enough. On that page you can tell the new user about
> everything (irc, mailinglists, ...)
> Another nice thing which could be done is adding a JS snippet scrolling
> down some pixpels so that the wiki header gets hidden.

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