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Tom Lokhorst tom at lokhorst.eu
Fri Jul 10 03:38:30 EDT 2009

> We could even have a "featured package" section...
I like that idea!
If there's a blog or something (the contents of which are
automatically pulled into the wiki/site), then there could be a guest
writer each month to write a short post about their favorite (or their
own ;-) package on hackage.

This would certainly make the site seem more alive (as does that
automatic hackage feed, but this would be written by a human).

- Tom Lokhorst

On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 9:04 AM, minh thu<noteed at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/7/10 Thomas Davie <tom.davie at gmail.com>:
>> On 9 Jul 2009, at 18:32, Thomas ten Cate wrote:
>>> Are there any kind of hard statistics and analytics that we can base
>>> this discussion upon? There is always room for improvement, but
>>> stumbling around in the dark making blind guesses may not be the best
>>> way to go. Although I personally feel that Lenny's proposed page is an
>>> improvement, statistics could tell us what actual people actually use
>>> the site for.
>> I'm not sure that that's useful.  We can (assuming there are statistics)
>> easily find out what the front page *is* used for.  But that doesn't
>> necessarily mean that that's what it *should* be used for.  In my mind, the
>> front page is for nothing more than enticing people to use Haskell for long
>> enough to look at a second page where all the useful stuff is if you are a
>> haskell programmer.  It should include no more than a description of what
>> haskell is, why it's cool, a link to the documentation, a link to a Haskell
>> Platform Dowload and a link to the earlier mentioned "second page".
> Hi,
> As said by others, I find that, beside the content you mention, the
> appearance of a wiki is "inviting", and the Events, Headlines and
> Recent package updates makes the haskell community looks active and
> welcoming (which it is).
> In fact, although it would be even more overwhelming, the titles of
> the last posts on planet.haskell.org and the Haskell Weekly News could
> maybe appear...
> We could even have a "featured package" section where someone give a
> nice introduction to a new or not well known package. (If it is too
> much but considered a good idea, a possibility would be to have just a
> little, although slightly outstanding link beside the package name in
> the Recent package updates section.)
> Cheers,
> Thu
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