[Haskell-cafe] Leaner Haskell.org frontpage

Thomas Davie tom.davie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 02:14:08 EDT 2009

On 9 Jul 2009, at 18:32, Thomas ten Cate wrote:

> Are there any kind of hard statistics and analytics that we can base
> this discussion upon? There is always room for improvement, but
> stumbling around in the dark making blind guesses may not be the best
> way to go. Although I personally feel that Lenny's proposed page is an
> improvement, statistics could tell us what actual people actually use
> the site for.

I'm not sure that that's useful.  We can (assuming there are  
statistics) easily find out what the front page *is* used for.  But  
that doesn't necessarily mean that that's what it *should* be used  
for.  In my mind, the front page is for nothing more than enticing  
people to use Haskell for long enough to look at a second page where  
all the useful stuff is if you are a haskell programmer.  It should  
include no more than a description of what haskell is, why it's cool,  
a link to the documentation, a link to a Haskell Platform Dowload and  
a link to the earlier mentioned "second page".


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