list choices (was [Haskell-cafe] ANN: filestore 0.1)

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Sun Jan 25 05:02:28 EST 2009

> All announcements should go to haskell at if nowhere else.   
> In
> practice, it is probably best to post to both haskell and haskell-cafe
> and this is what most people do.

I would suggest that posting announcements *only* to haskell@, but  
with followups set to haskell-cafe@, is the ideal way to keep everyone  
informed, whilst minimising the amount of unnecessary duplicate mails  
people receive.

(And on the topic of duplicate mails, it would reduce _so_ much  
irritation if all the haskell-related mailing lists could set the  
Reply-To header to the list, instead of defaulting to the original  
poster.  I already have enough email to deal with without having 3 or  
sometimes 4 copies of every message in every thread that I participate  


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