[Haskell-cafe] teaching functional programming at work

Paul Johnson paul at cogito.org.uk
Sun Jan 4 12:46:35 EST 2009

Warren Harris wrote:
> I am seeking suggestions from the haskell cafe for teaching functional 
> programming concepts to colleagues at work. 
I'd suggest starting with a couple of hours of "Why Haskell" talk to 
sell them on the concepts, followed by something like the the study 
group you mentioned for anyone who wants to pursue it.

If you can get them to spare the time then the video of the SPJ talk 
from last year might be a good starting point.  Failing that, try 
presenting them with some case studies of "here is where Haskell (saves 
effort) / (improves modularity)" in the kind of environment where you 
work.  Explain how monads are a "reprogrammable semicolon" and show an 
application of that.  No need to go into "bind" operators, just show 
what the code looks like before and after monads.


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