[Haskell-cafe] How do we decide on the new logo?

Fritz Ruehr fruehr at willamette.edu
Fri Jan 2 17:54:25 EST 2009

Now that the new year is upon us, I suppose we must decide how to  
decide* on the new logo for the Haskell site.
I'm not sure what the protocol and procedure for voting and tallying  
should be, but see below for a suggestion.
	(* a higher-order decision, very appropriate)

If you haven't seen the page on the Wiki with proposed new logos, be  
sure to go there and take a look
(but recall that submissions are now closed):


I want to thank Don for proposing the contest and everyone who  
contributed logo designs or modifications.
As the designer of the last "official" logo, I think this new crop is  
terrific, with many suggestions that are more
professional-looking and sleeker than the old one: I will have a hard  
time deciding which one to vote for.

Without starting a war on the theory of voting systems, perhaps we  
should use a system which allows for
a certain amount of secondary (etc.) preference to be expressed?

	(Uh-oh, here come Control.Monad.Voting.HareSTV and  
Control.Monad.Voting.BordaCount and
	a hundred other variations, complete with back-tracking and  
trampolined continuations and ... .)

Once we have a winning design, we could perhaps award the designer(s)  
with a T-shirt or some similar item.
We have a small amount of "CafeBucks" (or whatever) accrued in the  
CafePress account, despite all efforts to avoid profit
(rather like avoiding success at all costs). In the past, these funds  
have been used to purchase courtesy shirts for a few
Haskell luminaries, at the discretion of the store proprietor.  
(Currently I think there are about $60 available.)

   --  Fritz (Ruehr)

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