[Haskell-cafe] Re: Hoogle and Network.Socket

Thomas DuBuisson thomas.dubuisson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 08:21:50 EST 2009

Daniel provided the wisdom:
> "Do not knowingly make your code unportable unless you have a good reason to"
> Are there any objections to that maxim?

Thanks for bringing some sanity back.  I notice very few people have
bothered to comment on the wiki page Neil has setup.  Incase anyone
has fogotten - this was originally about what packages hoogle should
search and which options should be available (and which should be
default) for returning platform specific results.

Platform specifity:
The suggestion of platform specific flags, which I now support, seems
to be dominante. The only alternate I recall is showing all results
catagorized by platform (with 'portable' being on top) - perhaps that
could be displayed if there are zero results that are portable.

Default packages searched:
I've yet to hear anyone say we should search anything less than the
Haskell Platform by default.  I also don't think anyone has spoke ill
of a "+hackage" flag.


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