[Haskell-cafe] Haskell.org GSoC

Henning Thielemann lemming at henning-thielemann.de
Fri Feb 13 10:19:45 EST 2009

Daniel Kraft wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed last year Haskell.org was a mentoring organization for 
> Google's Summer of Code, and I barely noticed some discussion about it 
> applying again this year :)
> I participated for GCC in 2008 and would like to try again this year; 
> while I'm still active for GCC and will surely stay so, I'd like to see 
> something new at least for GSoC.  And Haskell.org would surely be a 
> very, very nice organization.
> Since I discovered there's more than just a lot of imperative languages 
> that are nearly all the same, I love to do some programming in Prolog, 
> Scheme and of course Haskell.  However, so far this was only some toy 
> programs and nothing "really useful"; I'd like to change this (as well 
> as learning more about Haskell during the projects).
> Here are some ideas for developing Haskell packages (that would 
> hopefully be of general use to the community) as possible projects:
> - Numerics, like basic linear algebra routines, numeric integration and 
> other basic algorithms of numeric mathematics.

I have some unsorted routines for that:

> - A basic symbolic maths package; I've no idea how far one could do this 
> as a single GSoC project, but it would surely be a very interesting 
> task.  Alternatively or in combination, one could try to use an existing 
> free CAS package as engine.


> - Graphs.

There was some discussion here about improved API of fgl:

> - A logic programming framework.  I know there's something like that for 
> Scheme; in my experience, there are some problems best expressed 
> logically with Prolog-style backtracking/predicates and unification. 
> This could help use such formulations from inside a Haskell program. 
> This is surely also a very interesting project.

LogicT ?

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