[Haskell-cafe] circular dependencies in cabal

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Feb 1 04:57:34 EST 2009

>  Any suggestions?

a) ignore it and hope you don't get segfaults or problems.

b) choose one process libraries and rebuild the other packages using
that one.

About a)
I'm not totally sure what could happen. I just can say That i've used
different cabal versions and it went fine. I guess that the problem is 

A using P-1.0
B using P-1.2

you using A and B, passing data indirectly from A to B and A and B
having different compilation options or different behaviour. I'm not too
sure about this. Maybe this can give you an idea what could happen.
On the other hand you do use runXY or system from process only without
passing data from one to the other so chances are good that your app
will work nevertheless.

Marc Weber

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