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Haskell Weekly News
Issue 142 - December 13, 2009
   Welcome to issue 142 of HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the
   [1]Haskell community.

   First of all, apologies for the late edition, I've only one set of
   finals left, and then everything should return to a normal schedule (at
   least, that's the plan). This week brings lots of development on the
   various usb utilities, an edition of the Haskell Web News (which
   covers, in summary, the events of the previous month in the Haskell
   online community), and some really great discussion about why Haskell
   is Pure. Until next week, Haskeller's, your Haskell Weekly News!


   Next meeting: December 17th at MIT (32-G882). Ravi Nanavati
   [2]announced the next meeting of the Boston Area Haskell User Group.
   Ryan Newton will be talking about Intel Concurrent Collections for

   PCLT-0.1 and PCLT-DB-0.1. Andrey Sisoyev [3]announced his first two
   packages he's developed in Haskell. Both of his new packages relate to
   localization of packages.

   Announcing a summer internship for a NASA-sponsored project. Lee Pike
   [4]announced a new summer internship sponsored by NASA and Galois, Inc.

   unicode-symbols-0.1.1. Roel van Dijk [5]announced the release of his
   package 'unicode-symbols'. This packages offers alternative symbols for
   a number of common function and operators from the base and container

   ls-usb- Roel van Dijk [6]announced a minor update of ls-usb,
   his package for listing USB devices connected to your system.

   usb-safe-0.1. Bas van Dijk [7]announced the release of his package
   usb-safe, which provides an abstract interface to the bindings-libusb

   usb-0.3. Bas van Dijk [8]announced a new release of his 'usb' library
   for high-level communication with usb devices from Haskell.

   bindings-libusb-1.4.2. Bas van Dijk [9]announced a new version of
   bindings-libusb, a DSL based, low level binding to libusb

   The Haskell Web News: December 2009 Edition. Don Stewart [10]announced
   the Haskell Web News for December.

   new installment of failure framework. Michael Snoyman [11]announced the
   next installment of the Failure Framework.

   PortAudio Windows Tutorial and Binaries. M Xyz [12]announced a tutorial
   for setting up PortAudio on Windows

   readline-statevar- Krzysztof Skrzetnicki [13]announced a small
   wrapper for readline.

   hakyll-0.1. Jasper van der Jeugt [14]announced Hakyll, a simple static
   site generator written in Haskell.


   Why? John D. Earle [15]asked about what benefits of purity in Haskell.

   Type system speculation. Andrew Coppin [16]asked about why we
   Haskeller's (including himself) are so obsessed with the type system.

   To Hackage or not to Hackage. John Van Enk [17]asked about whether it
   was worth putting a package on Hackage.

   Hayoo and Hoogle (beginner question). drostin77 [18]asked our
   'Hopefully Helpful Haskell Community' about the differences between
   Hoogle and Hayoo.

Blog noise

   [19]Haskell news from the [20]blogosphere. Blog posts from people new
   to the Haskell community are marked with >>>, be sure to welcome them!
     * Manuel M T Chakravarty: [21]Using DTrace to track scheduler events
       of GHC's runtime.
     * Darcs: [22]darcs weekly news #47.
     * Brent Yorgey: [23]Mgu's and universal properties.
     * Philip Wadler: [24]Computer Science Education Week.
     * Bryan O'Sullivan: [25]The performance of Data.Text.
     * Neil Brown: [26]Solving the Santa Claus Problem with Conjunction.
     * Douglas M. Auclair (geophf): [27]Don't know; don't care: Whatever.
     * Ivan Lazar Miljenovic: [28]Command Input/Output and blocking.
     * Galois, Inc: [29]Tech Talk: John Launchbury presents Conal
       Elliottâs âBeautiful Differentiationâ.
     * Well-Typed.Com: [30]Talk at the Functional Programming eXchange.
     * Neil Brown: [31]The Problem with Parallel Participants Professing
     * Sean Leather: [32]Draft: "Pull-Ups, Push-Downs, and Passing It
       Around: Exercises in Functional Incrementalization".
     * Mikael Vejdemo Johansson (Syzygy-): [33]Coordinatization with hom
     * Haskell Web News: [34]What's new in Haskell? December 2009.
     * Dan Piponi (sigfpe): [35]Where do monads come from?.
     * Michael Snoyman: [36]Two language extensions.

Quotes of the Week

     * sproingie: | {-# LANGUAGE NoTypeChecking #-}
     * kmc: the usual structure for a Haskell program is a crunchy IO
       shell with a gooey chocolate pure function center
     * sproingie: if it makes Cale's brane asplode, i think there's no
       hope for me understanding it
     * Wikipedia: In topology, the long line (or Alexandroff line) is a
       topological space analogous to the real line, but much longer.
     * ray: a monad tutorial is like a sausage factory
     * TomTobin: ::facepalm:: I wrote "Foobar" as a placeholder as I was
       typing [for the author's name], and never replaced it [in my
     * ski: > (let id :: (forall id. id -> id) -> id -> id; id id = id id
       in id) id 5
     * dmwit: analogies are endofunctors in the category of bad
     * knobo: I really like this :) I can see that haskell is really cool
       now. This i a "matrix moment" for me :)

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