[Haskell-cafe] What about adding a wiki for each haskell project?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sat Dec 12 21:42:47 EST 2009

Hi Wren,

Thank you for taking the time for replying.

Can you reread the wiki section labeled "implementation details"?

I don't want hackage to be the wiki. I only want hackage to host a link
to the wiki.

There maybe reasons to host the wiki on hackage. Eg hackage does know
when a package get's updated. Thus it could update some information on
the wiki automatically. But it could do so on the community server as

I proposed reusing the existing haskell.org/haskellwiki.

If all features of the wiki are use its fine.
The main idea is provide some minimal editable content so that you don't
have to upload new cabal packages because of some small changes.

> One simple improvement to Hackage which would be nice and which would 
> integrate well with community.haskell.org is if there were additional 
> (optional) fields added to give urls for the wiki and task tracker 
> separately from the main project homepage.
EvanMartin  asked for this wiki: field feature as well.

Do you think changing the homepage field to contain a list would
Or do you feel having an explicit wiki field is preferable?

> should have links to the wiki and tracker as well, but having direct 
> links from Hackage would lower the cost for users to find out where they 
> can post patches, comments, etc.
Yes. That's one main point. Hackage is the entry point many users find.
It's kind of standard. But hackage itself is too static. Uploading a new
.cabal file is not the perfect way to add a link to a blog
post or such. The easiest idea I came up was provide a link to the

The second thought I had in mind was "Don't spend too much time on
this". Anyway I feel this is important.

So may I ask you to add the alternative that the community server can be
used equally well to the wiki page?

Keep in mind that if we host the wiki pages on haskell.org they are found by the
haskell.org search.

Marc Weber

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