[Haskell-cafe] Hayoo and Hoogle (beginner question)

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 07:31:30 EST 2009


It probably helps to know some of the history, as it explains a lot of
what you see today. Hoogle was written first (about 5 years ago now),
before there was hackage (so it doesn't search hackage), and with an
emphasis on type search (as that's cool). Hayoo came a lot later
(about 2 years ago at most). Hoogle will be gaining the ability to do
a full search of Hackage - I'm just waiting to get some bits sorted
out first. There isn't really a technical obstacle, I've just not had
the time to finish the implementation.

Use whichever you choose, but if you use Hayoo for some reason other
than Hoogle not searching all packages, I'd love to know.

Thanks, Neil

2009/12/7 drostin77 <ml.nwgreen at gmail.com>:
> Hello Hopefully Helpful Haskell Community!
> (I really wanted that to be alliteration... couldn't come up with an h word
> for community)
>  I've just started learning Haskell (working my way through "Real World
> Haskell" and really liking it)!  I have started to appreciate that there are
> a lot of Haskell libraries I will want to search and access quite regularly
> when I work on Haskell projects, so I had the following questions:
> 1.  Hoogle and Hayoo:  I'm a bit confused by the difference here.  From
> initial impressions it seems that Hayoo is linked to Hackage, but Hoogle is
> not?  And it seems that Hayoo is, well, "Similar to Hoogle, but with less
> focus on type search."  Should I check both of these when I want a library,
> or choose one and go with it...?  Or is it indeed better to search Hayoo
> when I'm thinking of a named library and Hoogle when I think I know the type
> signature for just the function I need?
> 2.  I much prefer a command line search interface to a browser, I see Hoogle
> offers such a tool, does Hayoo?
> P.S.  If these questions are in the wrong place, or if they are already
> answered in detail somewhere that my Googling didn't find please feel free
> to paste a link and tell me to search better next time!
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