[Haskell-cafe] Low Level Audio - Writing bytes to the sound card?

M Xyz functionallyharmonious at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 5 19:49:49 EST 2009

--- On Sat, 12/5/09, Daniel Fischer <daniel.is.fischer at web.de> wrote:

If you have cpphs, hugs, jhc, greencard etc., it is probably something about your 
environment. If you don't have them, it's clear that they aren't found.

I don't know what those things are. I have nothing but what came with HP other than installing c2hs today. 

If that works, the problem is somewhere in cabal, otherwise in c2hs, either way, we'll 
know more.

Alright, I followed the instructions and everything was as you said. I still get "c2hs.exe does not exist".

C:\A\install\programming\portaudio\haskell\portaudio-0.0.1>"C:\Program Files\Has

kell\bin\c2hs.exe" --include=dist\build --cppopts=-D__GLASGOW_HASKELL__=610 --cp

popts=-IC:\A\install\programming\portaudio\portaudio\include --output-dir=dist\b

uild --output=Sound\PortAudio\Base.hs .\Sound\PortAudio\Base.chs

c2hs.exe: does not exist


Press any key to continue . . .

By the way, I have posted this problem to the c2hs mailing list in case they have some insight.

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