[Haskell-cafe] HP + Gtk2hs?

Daniel Fischer daniel.is.fischer at web.de
Sat Dec 5 14:44:14 EST 2009

Am Samstag 05 Dezember 2009 20:14:17 schrieb Andrew Coppin:
> Bulat Ziganshin wrote:
> > Hello Andrew,
> >
> > Saturday, December 5, 2009, 6:40:23 PM, you wrote:
> >> prominent?) Somebody pointed out this bug 6 months ago. Somebody else
> >> posted a potential fix a month ago. There is no visible activity from
> >> the developers.
> >
> > Developer. many Haskell problems is due to the fact that we have a few
> > volunteers doing things and lot of consumers begging for features :)
> That *does* in fact seem to be a recurring problem, yes.
> Now, how to fix this...?

How about:

get the sources, try proposed fix, if it works, send Duncan(*) the patch?
Even better, become a gtk2hs developer yourself (though that's more work and probably 
requires some serious knowledge of gtk).

(*) for gtk2hs, would be somebody else for other packages of course.

> >> Gtk2hs is currently the *only* GUI binding that actually works on
> >> Windows.
> >
> > i thought that wx and even qt are in rather good shape now
> I did try to get wxHaskell going once or twice. And the SDL binding. (I
> wasn't aware we have Qt now...) I've never got any of them to work yet. :-(
> Interestingly, while you can't compile bindings to external C libraries,
> GHC does appear to ship with all the header files for Windows, which is
> odd. It seems if you try to FFI to a standard Win32 function, it
> magically knows where the hell the header files are, and it Just
> Works(tm). Hell, I even followed a C++ guide to Win32 programming and
> managed to translate an "open a blank window" program to Haskell, and it
> worked. Maybe somebody just needs to sit down and write a nice binding
> for doing native GUI stuff under Win32?
Maybe you could try to be that somebody? I'm sure the Windows folks would appreciate it 
very much.
Or, if you think that's beyond your ken, try organising the writing.
Perhaps create a windows-haskell mailing list where Windows users can help each other 
making things work on Windows.

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