[Haskell-cafe] Finding HP

Gregory Crosswhite gcross at phys.washington.edu
Thu Dec 3 04:28:46 EST 2009

> If I wanted to know something *about* the *Haskell Platform* I would
> click the link The Haskell Platform under the section About. So it is
> actually mentioned 3 times on the front page. What could be improved
> are the 2 download links: "Download Haskell" and "Download GHC". It
> would perhaps be better to have one nice big "Download" button that
> takes you to a separate download page.

Good thinking!

>> Furthermore, when someone offers feedback designed to improve a page, and does so in a very non-threatening way:
>> ... then in my own humble opinion, snapping back with "Are you sure this isn't user error?" is not a particularly nice response.
> E-mail isn't the best medium to convey emotion. I read Dons reply as
> "Are you sure this is a problem with the front page and not a slight
> oversight on your part?"

Fair enough, and I will be the first person to admit that my own response was not the nicest way that I could have --- wait, hold on...  darn you Tony Morris, you beat me to it!  Fine, in that case I will be the *second* person to admit that my own response was not the nicest way that I could have counter-responded.

I maintain, though, that when someone describes an experience they had using something in which they got confused, and offers constructive feedback on how things might be improved so that others could be less confused in the future, then it is much better to reply to the person's suggestions and whether they are good or bad ideas, rather than to describe why it was unreasonable for the person to have been confused, since the latter kind of response will just turn the person off from offering potentially helpful suggestions in the future.


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