[Haskell-cafe] Finding HP

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Wed Dec 2 17:29:00 EST 2009

> Today I was setting up a my new, and I wanted to put Haskell on it.  
> Rather than download GHC itself, I decided to install the Haskell  
> Platform instead, just to see what it's like.
> Much to my surprise, I couldn't actually find any reference to its  
> existence anywhere from the haskell.org home page, and I eventually had  
> to run a search to find it.

It is listed right on the front page, twice. It is the first link on the

    [Download Haskell]

As well as:

    "[The Haskell Platform] has been released."

Are you sure  this isn't user error?
-- Don

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