[Haskell-cafe] Planning for a website

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 18 10:56:29 EDT 2009

>>>>> "Jake" == Jake McArthur <jake.mcarthur at gmail.com> writes:

    Jake> Colin Paul Adams wrote:
    >> One problem will be to get GHC ported to DragonFly BSD, but
    >> that can wait until I have a test version of the site working
    >> on Linux.

    Jake> I would love to see this. It's the biggest thing blocking me
    Jake> from trying Dragonfly more seriously.

Well it will happen, as I have to use DragonFly, as my website is all
about dragonflies :-)

Someone has already got it working sufficiently to compile xmonad, so
it should just be a matter of digging around the low-level issues.

    Jake> You should look into HSP. It also provides those guarantees,
    Jake> is maintained, and provides a nice template-style syntax
    Jake> which you can use inline with your Haskell code.

    Jake> Also check out the Formlets library.

    >> HappStack is obviously currently maintained, and since it seems
    >> to have a blogging module in development, that is attractive.

    Jake> I recommend this.

Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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