[Haskell-cafe] Planning for a website

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Tue Aug 18 10:14:25 EDT 2009

I'm intending to replace my current website - which uses Drupal, with
a hand-written-in-Haskell version this autumn, for a number of reasons
(a principal one is the lack of an upgrade path in Drupal). So I'm
currently looking into the libraries available to see how much I'll
have to write myself.

One problem will be to get GHC ported to DragonFly BSD, but that can
wait until I have a test version of the site working on Linux.

The next major challange is to implement something like Drupal's Image
and Image Gallery modules. That doesn't seem to be a great problem, as
the exif and GD libraries seem to cover everything I'll need.

So my major decision is what framework and html-generating libraries
to use. There is such a wide choice on the Haskell Wiki. But I guess
some are more maintained than others. For instance, WASH attracts me,
with it's guarantee of valid generated pages,
but it isn't clear to me that it's actively maintained (last date I
can see on the web pages is 2006).

HappStack is obviously currently maintained, and since it seems to
have a blogging module in development, that is attractive.
HASP is maintained too, I think.

Has anyone written a comparison of the various libraries, or gone
through the same decision process recently?
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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