[Haskell-cafe] Elerea/GLFW Tetris

jean legrand kkwweett at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 17 10:00:57 EDT 2009

> As I've been warned, two dependencies
> (Common.Utils and Common.Vector) are to be resolved in order
> to use this Tetris code.
> They're part of the elerea-examples package (from hackage)
> but their access is not public so a solution is to modify
> the cabal file during installation.
> Another solution is to create a Common directory in the
> current directory, then decompress the source located in
> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/elerea-examples
> and copy the two files Vector.lhs and Utils.lhs in Common.

but the simplest soltution is to get rid of these dependancies as long as they are of very little importance actually :


I added (line 291 to 309) the code needed to play Pentis but at this time the random generator bugs with 18 elements and only p12 is selected. Those who want to try can easily comment l.274 and decomment l.275 (then removing p17,p18 from the list because of the bug) and replace straight by p1 on l.80
Harder !


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