[Haskell-cafe] Chicago Haskell User Group?

Cory Knapp thestonetable at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 17:54:01 EDT 2009

I and certainly some of my professors would be extremely interested in a 
Chicago HUG. Facebook sounds like a good idea, but I tend not to 
actually check facebook groups. They just aren't quite intrusive enough. :)

Unfortunately (actually, quite fortunately), I'm in Budapest for the 
semester, so I can't participate in a very real way. I don't believe the 
professors who would be interested subscribe to Haskell Cafe, so I will 
pass any relevant info on.


Jeremy Shaw wrote:
> Hello,
> Sounds good to me. I am in the Chicago area and do Haskell-based web
> development all day, every day, using the Happstack platform.
> I don't have much time to organize, but I would be able to attend
> meetings and give some presentations.
> Personally, I would recommend using a facebook page as a means of
> communicating within the group. Facebook offers the following features:
>  1. a proven track record of allowing users to control their levels of
>  privacy, and not spamming them. More information regarding privacy
>  here:
>    http://www.google.com/search?q=privacy&query=site%3Awww.insidefacebook.com
>  2. many people already have accounts, and, if not, creating one is super easy
>  3. event calendar, invitations
>  4. free photo and video hosting
>  5. discussion boards
>  6. can be extended (free) via the Facebook API (in Haskell, I have a
>  library I will be announcing soon).
>  7. Super easy to setup (less than 2 minutes). (Applications -> Ads and Pages -> Pages -> Create Page).
> I would recommend a facebook page over a facebook group. I would 
> - jeremy
> At Wed, 12 Aug 2009 14:13:37 -0500,
> Tom Tobin wrote:
>> There isn't a Chicago-area Haskell group, is there?  If not, would
>> anyone be interested in forming one?  I used to run Chicago's Django
>> (a Python web framework) group, but lost interest (and since I lived
>> in the suburbs back then, got sick of the commute).  Unlike Python,
>> I'm still very much a beginner with Haskell, so I feel I'd be able to
>> benefit quite a bit from picking the brains of more skilled users and
>> cooperating with other beginners.  My particular interests are web
>> development (as that's my professional field) and multimedia
>> organization (I'm working on a Haskell audio tagging library to help
>> teach myself the language), but I'm open to learning just about
>> anything.  :-)
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