[Haskell-cafe] About the import module

andy morris andy at adradh.org.uk
Wed Aug 5 15:56:42 EDT 2009

2009/8/5 xu zhang <douyaxu at gmail.com>:
> Hi there,
> If I import a module and do not explicitly point out the entities I have
> imported. And I want the ghc to point out the entities automatically. Is
> there any method to do this? any methods to have the ghc point out the
> entities I import and export?
> Because there are so many files and I don't want to change them one by one,
> so I just want to find if there is a simple and automatic way to have the
> entities pointed out.
> Thank you in advance!

`ghc --make -ddump-minimal-imports Main.hs` will output *.imports
files containing what you want.

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