[Haskell-cafe] funct.prog. vs logic prog., practical Haskell

Petr Pudlak deb at pudlak.name
Sun Aug 2 08:52:08 EDT 2009

On Sun, Aug 02, 2009 at 08:36:27AM -0400, Carter Schonwald wrote:
> are you a student (undergrad or grad) or  faculty (junior or senior)? These
> are all very different scenarios and accordingly different goals are
> realistic.

I'm a faculty member (postdoc). I've been working in the field of automated
theorem proving, but for about a year I'm also very interested in Haskell and
in general in the theory behind functional languages. Since I find FP to be a
very important programming concept, I'd like to achieve that we start teaching
it at the university.


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