[Haskell-cafe] high probability of installation problems and quality of the glorious implementation

Miguel Mitrofanov miguelimo38 at yandex.ru
Sun Apr 5 16:52:31 EDT 2009

What about 6.10.1? Is it failing too?

On 5 Apr 2009, at 22:22, FFT wrote:

> I'm still learning Haskell and also evaluating whether I want to use
> the language in my work.
> It seems like a fascinating language so far (although I don't know if
> laziness will be a detriment later for me eventually), but I'm a bit
> worried about the overall quality of its GHC implementation.
> For example, I tried installing GHC-6.10.2 on my Ubuntu 8.04 machine
> (probably the most mainstream Linux these days).
> 1st attempt: binary => failed "the impossible happened, report bug" (I
> think it's already in bugzilla for an even earlier version)
> 2nd attempt: source and docs => followed README, but "make" failed
> while building docs
> 3rd attempt: source only, no docs => make install succeeded, but ghci
> now seems to have its "readline" screwed up (no editing, can't quit
> even with Ctrl-C or Ctrl-D), while Ubuntu-bundled 6.8.* ghci works
> fine in this regard.
> If these kinds of issues are common only during installation, I can
> live with that, but if GHC is flaky overall, having to deal with this
> may cancel out whatever productivity advantages Haskell provides.
> If the quality of the installation procedures is different from the
> compiler itself, can you explain why?
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