[Haskell-cafe] Haskell versus F#, OCaml, et. al. ...

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Tue Sep 30 03:41:32 EDT 2008

> Haskell is growing really fast (in community, libraries and tools). But, Vasili,
> Dons pushes a lot into Arch, so although he gives a correct statement, you
> shouldn't build your point of view relying only on that part of his answer....
> Just rember the number about the Haskell libraries (and the fact it is
> growing), not the particular state in Arch (which seems a very nice
> place to use haskell, I'm new to Arch for a few days now...).

Yeah, I only want to say, "there's a lot of libraries, probably more
than most people are aware of".

I'm not really pushing Arch, only using it as a vehicle to get the
Debian guys into action :-) They'll be able to move once the platform is
released in the next couple of weeks,


-- Don

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