[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haddock + Hoogle == Javadoc on steroids

Mitchell, Neil neil.mitchell.2 at credit-suisse.com
Mon Sep 29 04:57:24 EDT 2008

Hi Simon,

> http://joyful.com/repos/darcs-sm/api-doc is a mashup of 
> haddock, hoogle and hscolour (and darcsweb, darcs-graph - see 
> http://joyful.com/repos).

I can see the Haddock information, but not the Hoogle/HsColour mashup.
I'm using Firefox 3. Am I missing something? How do you get started with
a Hoogle query?

> had time to work on this, currently I hard-code the target in 
> hoogle and munge the haddock output slightly (see recent 
> patch in darcs-unstable).

I believe you emailed me privately with a question about pointing at
haddock documentation from Hoogle. I'm currently a bit out of sync with
emails as I've just moved house, don't yet have internet, and can't
check my gmail account from work. The answer, from what I can remember
of the question, is:

"How do I get Hoogle to point at a particular documentation repo?"

The answer is to add a line similar to:


to the Text file you get out of haddock --hoogle.

You can also add an @hackage url, which is treated as the home page of
the package.



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