[Haskell-cafe] mailing list choices?

Sean Leather leather at cs.uu.nl
Mon Sep 8 08:12:12 EDT 2008

> The Yahoo mailing list server is notoriously unreliable and randomly drops
> mails and/or drops people from lists because their email server was
> temporarily refusing mails (4xx SMTP responses not 5xx). I also find the
> Yahoo groups web interface absolutely awful; mailman's list archives aren't
> great, but are ok for casual browsing, and you can download the entire
> archives and load them up locally if you need to.
> A quick look around Google groups suggests that my initial assumption that
> it'd be as bad as Yahoo groups is probably unfounded. But if I hadn't
> already given in and created a Google account for other things, I'd be
> unhappy about doing so just for your list, given the way it tracks your web
> browsing in ways that I don't entirely understand while you are logged into
> it.

>From "http://groups.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=46438&topic=9244

*Activities that don't require a Google Account: *

   - Reading posts in public groups
   - Searching for groups, posts, or authors
   - Posting to groups via email if they are unrestricted or you're already
   a member
   - Joining a public Google Group via email

*Activities that require a Google Account: *

   - Creating and managing your own Google Group
   - Posting to groups via our web interface
   - Creating pages and uploading files
   - Subscribing to a Usenet newsgroup and receiving posts via email
   - Joining a Google Group via our web interface
   - Changing your subscription type (No Email, Abridged Email...)
   - Reading a restricted group's posts online

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