[Haskell-cafe] Re: Cabal package with library and tests

Mauricio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 16 13:41:02 EDT 2008

>         You might consider looking at the EMGM cabal file in the source.
>          https://svn.cs.uu.nl:12443/viewvc/dgp-haskell/EMGM/
>      > (...)
>      >From the site:
>      Échec de la connexion sécurisée
>      svn.cs.uu.nl:12443 <http://svn.cs.uu.nl:12443> utilise un
>     certificat de sécurité invalide.
>      Le certificat n'est pas sûr car l'autorité délivrant le certificat est
>      inconnue.
>      (Code d'erreur : sec_error_unknown_issuer)
> That looks like what I see in Firefox when I go to a site that's using a 
> non-verified SSL certificate. (...)

Right. I didn't know I could just accept that
and go further...

Yours is actually a very good example on how
to build a customized cabal package :)


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