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Titto Assini titto at quicquid.org
Tue Oct 14 04:33:17 EDT 2008

Can anyone explain why, now that we have cabal and therefore package
installation is just a short "cabal install X" away do  we need
distribution specific binary packages?

I personally prefer my hackage packages freshly cooked ...


On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 3:52 AM, Ariel J. Birnbaum <valgarv at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Pray tell, what kind of feats are expected of such a champion?
> No answer. I guess my failed attempt at chivalrous-sounding wit killed the
> message. I'll rephrase:
> Does the job consist of:
> Maintaining an independent repository of Haskell packages configured and
> compiled for the current (probably also in-development) version of Ubuntu?
> Getting (some of) these packages added into the distro itself?
> Tracking bug reports, routing them upstream when appropriate?
> Submitting patches upstream?
> Is it something "anyone" can do or would one need "official" ties to Ubuntu
> (e.g a MOTU)?
> Also, how much exposure to the packages' source would it imply? My employer is
> rather paranoid about its coders being "contaminated" by third-party code =P.
> While I'm asking --- maybe we should target Debian first/also/instead?
> Cheers
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> Ariel J. Birnbaum
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