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frantisek kocun frantisek.kocun at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 11:32:49 EDT 2008

There is CAL language (purely functional, very Haskell like, the most I have
seen). CAL Eclipse plugin (IDE for CAL for non java-ers) is incredible, with
support for code comletition, documentation, refactor, code navigation..
They have graphical editor GemCutter for it as well. You can use java
libraries within it with unsafe imports or call cal function from java or
there is even embedded CAL in Java:)

Check out: http://openquark.org
Embeded CAL: http://groups.google.com/group/cal_language/web/embedded-cal

This is from CAL for Haskell Programmers:
CAL implements essentially all the non-syntactic sugar features of Haskell
98 (with its standard
addendums) including:
• algebraic functions with parametric polymorphism and inferred types
o type declarations can specialize or assert types
• data declarations for algebraic types
o strictness flags for data constructor arguments
• a module system supporting separate compilation
• expression syntax supporting if-then-else, case, let (for both local
variable and function definitions)
and lambda expressions
o support for most of Haskell's expression operators
• special syntax for tuples, strings, characters, numbers and lists
• an extensive collection of standard libraries
• single parameter type classes
o superclasses
o derived instances, such as the instance declaration for Eq List
o deriving clauses for common classes
o default class method definitions
o higher-kinded type variables, such as with the Functor type class
• dynamics support via the Typeable type class and Dynamic type
• user documentation generated from source code (similar to Haddock)
• foreign function support
• hierarchical module names

Another interesting project is COHATOE (contributing Haskell to Eclipse) by
which one can write Haskell plugins to Eclipse, but I have no clue how it

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