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John A. De Goes john at n-brain.net
Sat Oct 11 13:30:39 EDT 2008

There's a YHC that can compile to JavaScript, and JavaScript can be  
run on Java...

Which means, practically speaking, there is no YHC backend for the JVM.


John A. De Goes
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On Oct 11, 2008, at 11:08 AM, Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH wrote:

> On 2008 Oct 11, at 12:07, David Leimbach wrote:
>> Are there, or have there been Haskell ports to the JVM?  Are any of  
>> them alive and well?
> YHC, last I heard, was alive and well and there's a YHC Core backend  
> for the JVM.
>> Is there an interest in hosting GHC on the JVM (besides my own).
> There's interest but my understanding is that the GHC backend  
> architecture is not at all friendly to work with.  That said, I hear  
> in the next release (I think 6.12, not the 6.10 that's in beta) will  
> have a redesigned backend architecture that is supposed to be much  
> easier to work with, which will make it easier to provide native  
> code generators for many currently poorly-served platforms ---  
> including the JVM if anyone is so inclined.
> You might want to ask on glasgow-haskell-users to get the people who  
> really know.
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