[Haskell-cafe] Re: Problem with package consistency on Hackage

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 10:33:22 EDT 2008

Antoine Latter wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm not sure who to email about this, but hopefully someone on the cafe knows:
> On the machine which builds the Hackage packages the 'binary' package
> is built against 'bytestring-', however the package I just
> uploaded gets built against 'bytestring-' which leades to
> typecheck failures (the ByteStrings I get from the 'binary' package
> are not the same as all the other ByteStrings).  See:
> http://hackage.haskell.org/packages/archive/uuid/1.0.0/logs/failure/ghc-6.8
> If I wait will Hackage eventually become consistent?  How does this work?

You can re-compile parsec and binary to depend on bytestring- 
Alternatively, use cabal-install which knows how to rebuild things to avoid 
consistency problems like this.


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