[Haskell-cafe] OT: Haskell desktop wallpaper?

Jim Snow jsnow at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Oct 9 02:32:18 EDT 2008

Ray tracing about a million spheres in a regular grid with reflections:

lattice =
 let n = 50 :: Flt
 in bih [sphere (vec x y z) 0.2 | x <- [(-n)..n],
                                  y <- [(-n)..n],
                                  z <- [(-n)..n]]

I don't remember if I disabled shadows for that particular render.

There are some more screenshots on the Glome web page, but most of them 
were rendered in my Ocaml ray tracer and are low resolution:


I just now rendered a level 5 sphereflake (a standard benchmark scene 
from Eric Haine's standard procedural database):


It took about a minute and a half to parse, sort, and render with about 
98k spheres. 


Magnus Therning wrote:
> This morning I got tired of my desktop wallpaper (one that ships with
> Debian's Gnome packages).  Typing "haskell desktop wallpaper" yeilded
> a lot of links to wallpapers with Colleen Haskell, while she's a
> beautiful lady it wasn't exactly what I was hoping to find.  Hence
> this email.  Where can I find some nice wallpapers inspired by
> Haskell, or maybe even created by Haskell code?
> Oh yes, wallpapers related to XMonad would do, I suppose ;-)
> /M
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