[Haskell-cafe] maybe a goal and challenge for the Haskell in terms of scientific computing

Jeff Wheeler jeff at nokrev.com
Fri Oct 3 21:40:48 EDT 2008

On Oct 3, 2008, at 8:26 PM, Galchin, Vasili wrote:

>     Here is a site I discovered a while back for another  
> language ... I guess in the back of my mind this more where
> I was going vis-a-vis scientific computing .... http://www.enthought.com/

I interned at Enthought over this last summer; it's a very cool place.  
Many of the open-source scientific libraries could be rewritten in  
Haskell without significant difficulty, and this actually seems like a  
decent idea.

SciPy and NumPy are the two most significant libraries worth thinking  
about, in my opinion. Some of the other software, e.g. Traits, is less  
relevant to scientific software in the context of Haskell.

Much of their stack, especially Traits, TraitsGUI, and application  
libraries are designed to help write applications quickly without much  
programming experience. With these tools, it's easy for scientists,  
without knowing much Python, to write large programs that work well  
for most of their purposes.

Jeff Wheeler

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