[Haskell-cafe] Restricted file reading monad

oleg at okmij.org oleg at okmij.org
Thu Oct 2 00:51:56 EDT 2008

George Pollard wrote:
> The structure of an ID3 tag goes something like this:
> Header:
> - total size of tag
> - other header info
> A series of frames, each with:
> - total size of frame
> - other header info
> - frame data
> Since the ID3 tag as a whole has size information, I need to pass that
> into the frame-reading functions to ensure that I never read past the
> end of the total header. This exact same requirement is present within
> the frame-reading function itself; it must read the frame data without
> reading past the end of the frame.

The structure of the chunk-encoded content is similar: first comes the
size, then come data of that size. We have to read exactly that amount
(and then check for the chunk trailer, CRLF). In a sense, we have a
data stream embedded inside another stream. The Iteratee IO framework 
was specifically designed to process these sorts of arbitrarily
nested and encoded data streams. In particular, the file


contains the function

-- Read n elements from a stream and apply the given iteratee to the
-- stream of the read elements. Unless the stream is terminated early, we
-- read exactly n elements (even if the iteratee has accepted fewer).
-- This procedure shows a different way of composing two iteratees:
-- `vertical' rather than `horizontal'
stake :: Monad m =>
	 Int -> IterateeG el m a -> IterateeGM el m (IterateeG el m a)

The implementation is 11 lines long, counting the `where' line. I
believe the code is declarative rather than imperative. The function
stake (the analogue of List.take) is then used in

enum_chunk_decoded :: Monad m => Iteratee m a -> IterateeM m a

The end of the file IterateeM.hs has several complete tests.

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