[Haskell-cafe] Re: Health effects

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH allbery at ece.cmu.edu
Wed Oct 1 18:27:42 EDT 2008

On 2008 Oct 1, at 15:56, Andrew Coppin wrote:
> Benjamin L.Russell wrote:
>> On Tue, 30 Sep 2008 19:54:17 +0200, Adrian Neumann
>> <aneumann at inf.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
>>> I often wonder how many cuts you need to divide a steak in n  
>>> pieces.  You can obviously get n pieces with (sqrt n) cuts by  
>>> cutting a grid.  But I'm sure some smart mathematician thought of  
>>> a (log n) way.
>> Good thing that the chocolate slab was only 2 kg and of finite  
>> length.
>> Had it been of infinite length, we would need Dedekind cuts to
>> partition it.... ;)
> You know, it's interesting... I posted this in another forum, and  
> people just said "dude, why would you try to eat a whole 2 Kg of  
> chocolate? That's really unhealthy." I post the same thing here and  
> now people are arguing about Dedekind cuts... da HELL?! o_O
> An interesting dichotomy of perspectives, don't you think?

And if you'd posted on the LOPSA (http://lopsa.org) list it would  
probably be a discussion of which OS is which kind of chocolate.   
So?  :)

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