[Haskell-cafe] csv one-liner

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 1 16:40:08 EDT 2008

wman wrote:
> Thats why i put those quotation marks around that part of sequence ;-))
> AFAIK one-liners never were about comprehensibility, just about what 
> you can cram into one line of code.
> Any programmer should have no problems guessing what the line does 
> does (even more so when looking at the "final" version without the 
> abundant liftM's), the beauty of it lies in figuring how the heck it 
> does what it does. And figuring that out should bring the "profound 
> enlightenment experience; that experience which should make you a 
> better programmer for the rest of your days, even if you never 
> actually use Lisp -erm Haskell- itself a lot" (my apologies, P. 
> Graham, for cannibalizing your words).
> I should probably get myself a signature stating that i will 
> explicitly warn the reader when being serious ;-)

Ah, well then... ;-)

Over in the land of POV-Ray, it's sort-of a tradition for your email 
signature to contain a tiny block of Scene Description Language source 
code that causes POV-Ray to render your name, or at least render 
something appropriate. (For those who don't know, POV-Ray is a ray 
tracer who's Scene Description Language is now in fact Turing-complete - 
although it is only a sort of macro expansion kind of beast.)

Maybe I should start a new tradition where Haskellers have a blob of 
Haskell as their sig?

(I can't *wait* to see what the luminaries such as dons, dcoutts and 
igloo come up with...)

Ah, but a blob of code that does _what_? POV-Ray renders your name in 
trippy 3D, but Haskell...?

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