[Haskell-cafe] Cabal

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Nov 30 14:46:10 EST 2008

> Thomas Schilling wrote:
> >Cabal-the-install-tool (package "cabal-install") is actually a
> >different program that sits on top of Cabal-the-library, and it is in
> >fact what really provides the real advantages.  Together with Hackage
> >this is what provides the killer feature of "cabal install foo",
> >however it relies on the building features and meta-data of Cabal.
> >  
> As I understand it, that's also a seperate download. (Whereas the cabal 
> library comes with GHC.)
> One day, if I feel hard-core enough, I might try this tool. (Assuming it 
> works on Windows...) It sounds potentially useful. (Although most actual 
> packages typically have one, maybe two dependencies that aren't already 
> installed, if that.)

*if* .. *might* .. *assuming* .. *potentially* .. *maybe* .. *if*..

You could have built it by now!


    Dependencies that aren't in core:

Note the last one assumes you have zlib the C library installed. This
should be straight forward to obtain.


-- Don

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