[Haskell-cafe] IRC question

Austin Seipp mad.one at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 08:55:56 EST 2008

> Does anyone have an IRC client hiding somewhere that is console friendly (I
> IRC from a screen session) which is also extensible in Haskell?


Last update was over 5 years ago - you could try to still build
it. But it uses gtk2hs, not ncurses.

Personally, I've thought about this as a project *several* times in the past, and
somewhere around here, I might have a few bits of code thrown together
laying around.

The -main- reasons I haven't worked on it any more than I have already
is because:

A) I was under the impression I was still the only one looking for
something like this - or maybe lots of people want an 'xmonad
equivilant' of their IRC Client? :)
B) My uni. blocks 6667 for some reason, so in order to connect with
a terminal IRC client outside of here, I need to use SSL.
And there are *no* good SSL wrappers out there at all for Haskell as
it stands - this alone is a major inhibitor of usage; I know I always
want my clients with SSL support.
C) I've been busy.

That said, if you would like to really get something started and
perhaps hack on some stuff, that would be terrifically fun and
interesting. Does anybody have name candidates? Perhaps we should go
with the yi scheme from confucianism - the zhi (knowledge) IRC client? ;)

> Thanks,
> Jason


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